Zweet OG F2

Zweet OG F1 x Zweet OG F1 x Zweet Inzanity Rbx* x Josh D OG F1**
*(Durban Poison x Chem D x i95) x (Durban Poison x NY City Diesel x GG4) x **Josh D OG From Karma


Variety: M/F Photo
Flowering Time: 60-70 Days
Yield: Excellent
TAC: 20-25%


Gassy & Sour
Candied Lemon


Zweet OG F2 has gassy, sour OG terps with heavy earthy tones and hints of candied lemons. Her trichomes have large heads and skinny necks—perfect for water extraction.
Great for Extractions
Pungent Terpenes
Strong & Vigorous
Thrives Indoors & Outdoors


  • Long-lasting and pleasant effects; she's not heavy or zippy. Right in the middle.
  • Vigorous and fairly vertical. Long internodes with large, deeply stacked flowers.
  • Fairly long with somewhat thin leaf blades. Medium bract-to-leaf ratio.
  • Spongy flowers with good trichome density.
  • Available in packs of 8 or 17.
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