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“Colin and his crew at ETHOS continue to innovate the cannabis breeding industry with strain after strain of stable varieties that perform exactly as advertised.”

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Powered By ETHOS, Happy Valley Genetics is taking conosouir quality seeds to the commercial market.

ETHOS Genetics has teamed up with Massachusetts-based Happy Valley to provide a transparent, naturally selected seed supply to the commercial market.


These New Auto Flower Seeds Are Out Performing Photo Period Cannabis Plants

Live from Cannacon Denver: Colin sits down with the Ready Set Grow podcast to discuss the current ETHOS catalog, his goals for homogenization, our new genetics filter—and everything else our new website has in store. On this special edition episode, Colin shares his love for New Millenium Nutrients and chats with Jair Vellmann, one of the premiere horticulture lighting experts from Dutch Lighting Innovations.

ETHOS is celebrated in Westword’s Best of Denver 2022 round-up:

“If we're measuring cannabis breeders based on how many of their strains reach users, then it's tough to beat Ethos Genetics. Since launching in 2017, the Littleton-based seed company has continually appeared at Colorado dispensaries and beyond, and there's no sign of that spirit letting up. Citradelic Sunset, Citral Flo, Colin OG (named after founder Colin Gordon), Lilac Diesel, Member Berry and perhaps the company's most popular creation, Mandarin Sunset, are just some of the strains birthed by Ethos Genetics. We can't wait to puff what it comes out with next.”

The Dude Grows Show brings cannabis culture, news and knowledge in every episode. As part of their Know Your Breeder series, Colin stops by to talk shop: raising industry standards, stabilizing genes, the synergy between terps and effects, knowing your room, and The ETHOS magazine.

Go all in with Colin Gordon—and see how he went from Buddhist bouncer to pro poker player to founding one of the biggest genetics companies in cannabis. This candid interview illuminates why Colin intentionally goes against the grain: he wants to change the ethos of cannabis.

Get into the evolution of cannabis breeding with Colin Gordon on The Adam Dunn Show. The recent explosion of breeding with interrelated plants has changed the terminology—a major modern problem in the cannaworld. Do we need to change up our terms? Add classifications?

Blunt Talks are "TED" style presentations given by innovators of the cannabis industry who want to share their knowledge—so we can grow better together. Tune in to learn from visionaries like Peachie Wimbush-Polk, Kyle Kushman, April Black, Jason Pinsky, Ariel Clark and our very own Colin Gordon.

Watch the whole panel or skip to 1:47 to see Colin’s talk, live from The Museum of Weed.

Discover why Colorado tokers love Lilac Diesel. Here’s a hint:

“Aromatically alluring and extremely dangerous, Lilac Diesel is a sedative cross of several strains, including Citral Glue, Forbidden Fruit, New York City Diesel, Cherry Pie and Super Lemon Haze…Sweet, tropical notes of berries and fruit as well as sour, rubbery hints of gas are blanketed by calming yet zesty floral notes of lavender—or lilac, if you really want to go there.”

Fill your ears with Episode 25: an interview with Colin Gordon. In this groovy session, Colin gets into his background in poker, his take on entrepreneurship, how cannabis cultivation has changed his perspective on life—and how he’s taking a seed company from -$1,100 to $150 million and beyond.

If your genetics are going to be associated with a musician, you’re gonna want that musician to be Willie Nelson. The dude has been smoking weed for 60+ years—he wasn’t messing around when he added Colin OG to his brand, Willie’s Reserve.

In their recent article, "How Do Musicians' Cannabis Strains Pair With Their Music? We Find Out,” 303 Magazine pairs ETHOS' Colin OG with Willie Nelson's classic "Willie and Family Live" album.

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