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2020: The Decade Of The Autoflower

By Colin Gordon and Ben Owens

Imagine harvesting multiple ounces of your favorite cultivars 10 weeks after planting the seeds. Seems too good to be true, right? Wrong. It’s absolutely possible thanks to advances in auto flower breeding.

For many, the term “auto flower” may be foreign; unlike photo-period plans, auto flowering varietals will transition to flower when they’re ready, regardless of the time of year, light cycle, or other environmental changes.

Historically, growers have looked down on autos as the “easy” option; they don’t require advanced grow knowledge or changes in equipment. Auto flowers, especially in outdoor grows, are among the closest thing to “set and forget” that you’ll find in cannabis genetics. For growers that sought out specific characteristics like aroma, flavor, and yield, these weren’t the genetics that ticked all of the boxes.


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