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Breeding At Scale For Scale

ETHOS Partners with Happy Valley For Mass-Scale Production of Seed Grown For Harvest
By Colin Gordon & Ben Owens

Cannabis seeds have never been more accessible, but their variability and availability remain a challenge for mass-scale commercial cultivation, resulting in an expensive reliance on clones.

To date, the cannabis industry has been forced to make a choice: grow from seed and gamble with unpredictability, or dedicate a significant amount of labor, investment, and space to propagation (mothers, clones, & culture) to ensure crops proceed as planned.

ETHOS and Happy Valley—a licensed Massachusetts—are partnering to bring stable, organic seed to the commercial market, eliminating the costs of propagation.

This partnership will be mutually beneficial, allowing ETHOS to boost its production and phenohunt capabilities while offering Happy Valley access to exclusive varieties selected in these hunts for in-house use and breeding.

An Organic Alternative for Mass-Scale Cultivation


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