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Formulating the Future with Saman Razani

How a first-generation Iranian-American turned a life-altering accident into a career in cannabis helping others
By Ben Owens

If you've been around the Colorado or California cannabis markets since the late 2000s, you may have heard of Saman Razani. One of Colorado's original medical caregivers, Razani has been involved in some of the more well-known brands in both states and around the U.S., including Glasshouse, Cresco, Raw Garden, Wonderbrett, INSA, Grow Healthy, Sweet Leaf, and The Green Solution. Most recently, he's been focused on creating cannabis-infused consumer products for traditional and nontraditional applications, including a menopausal suppository that has gained traction in the CA market.

But how did a caregiver with a basement grow become an instrumental part in licensed cannabis manufacturing? A little bit of misfortune, a little bit of luck, and an unrelenting work ethic.


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