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By Anonymous

The truth is that only you can define your successes, for only you know what you are looking to achieve, and only you know whether or not you’ve succeeded in reaching your goals. 

But you do have to set goals to know if you are achieving them. That’s always the first step on the journey, and the best way to hold yourself accountable. Write them down and revisit them from time to time.  

Being born in the Free World after WWII is a lot like winning the lottery.

Always view your life and opportunities from that premise. Your only limits are the ones you convince yourself exist. They are all self-imposed. Work hard enough and watch your luck improve.  

Define your mission, set goals, and work to achieve them. 

The first two steps aren’t all that hard. Lots of people can sit down and write a mission statement and some goals. 

Step three is the hustle and the sweat part, and success stories always begin and end with the hustle and sweat part. So much of one’s success is predicated on just continuing to show up and grind every day. 

No short cuts for this one, friends.  

Once freedom grows it can’t easily be contained, and the readers of ETHOS are now benefiting from decades-long legal battles in America and other nations that are now creating (if not entirely new, at least now-lawful) business opportunities all over the world.   

There is no better place to build your elevator than the bottom floor of an entirely new industry.

Study where the industry is headed, trust your instincts, and then position yourself there before anyone else can. Once you build your business, care for it, nurture it, and always try to grow it.    Educate yourself on all that might threaten it and arm yourself to protect it. 

Creating wealth where none existed before is the very foundation of a free world. 

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