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Growing Into Breeding

How Lovin’ In Her Eyes became one of the most iconic growers in cannabis through passion, consistency and a relationship with the plant.
By Ben Owens

What started as one woman's operation has grown into a brand recognized globally, both for the quality of flower as well as, recently, the seeds from which to grow it. I sat down with Lovin’ and her team to talk about this evolution from growing to breeding, and what lessons others can take away from that journey.

Who is Lovin’ In Her Eyes? 

Who is the individual responsible for these beautiful buds and the images that capture them? 

Lovin’ In Her Eyes is an undeniably feminine brand—without ever revealing the person behind the buds. Because of the sexualization of women in cannabis (and branding as a whole), Lovin’ never used her likeness or name; the focus has always been on the plant. 

“I'm a woman and I got called bro all the time. It was annoying...Now I am just done, they can think what they want ... Let people's imagination take it where it is, man, woman…my work is my work,” explains Lovin’. “Sometimes, you meet favorite athletes and musicians, and you think, ‘Oh, not what I thought,’ but you still love their music.” 

For this reason, the identity of Lovin’ has always been ambiguous.


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