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Not Just Dudes: Riley Breiner Profile

How one woman is changing the ethos of cannabis genetics.
By Ben Owens

While a female-run, male-owned company is far from the norm in the cannabis industry, ETHOS Genetics attributes much of their success to the diversity and innovation that make it stand out from the competition, including its female-driven team. You may have heard of Ethos Genetics, and you may even be familiar with their founder and head breeder Colin Gordon, but what you may not know is that this powerhouse of a brand is run and staffed by one powerhouse of a female executive. Riley Breiner, COO of ETHOS Genetics, recently reached the 30-year milestone, and I had the chance to discuss her relationship with cannabis, her path from Denver to Sweden and back, and how she went from casually growing plants from bag seeds to being one of the highest paid female executives in cannabis, overseeing the operations of an international seed company that spans six continents.

The Early Years


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