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Reasons to S1 a Great Cut

A Tool for Seed Makers & Hobbyists Alike
By Colin Gordon & Ben Owens

Genetics that carry the "S1" label are seeds produced through "selfing."

S1 are the first filial generation of offspring produced using a single genetic, mated with itself, to produce seed.

Like any other seed-making technique in our toolbox, selfing can be great for specific end games and situations.

As a seed maker and breeder, selfing can be a fun way to find improved or adjacent versions of a great cut. As a hobbyist or a smaller scale grower with a great cut, selfing offers a chance to make your own seeds.

Selfing is a great way to find unique variations within range of proven cuts. It's also a way to preview how consistently a cut's expressions will breed.

For example, take our Candy Store #38. She’s unlike any other Candy Store pheno we’ve come across. But she’s still a 95/100, with some room for improvement. But if I were to hunt through more seeds, we might have to go through 100-500+ before finding a better version of it.

Candy Store #38 - Credit: Happy Valley

The #38 is an amazing hasher with ridiculous trichomes. The high and flavor are great, and she packs a potent punch—the only thing that I want to improve is adding a sharper nose. And

I'm using an S1 to look for that perfect Candy Store cut for everything from growing to extraction.

Genetics that carry the "S1" label are seeds produced through "selfing."

You would be surprised at the variation that can come out of selfing.

Stable genetics should not offer much variety when selfed. The more variation, the less homozygous the genetics. But this variety can also offer uniqueness that's close to your selected keeper.

And, if you want to eventually breed this cut with other plants, an S1 will also give you a window into the variation that will come out from its side of the breeding project.

For example, of the Mandarin Sunset S1s, only 50% had the orange flavor, while 40% had a dominant grape flavor. That’s how it bred also.

If I crossed Mandarin Sunset with anything grape, the offspring had a dominant grape profile. If I crossed it with something that wasn't orange, that orange expression only came through 25% of the time.

If you are at a vertically integrated facility, or simply a hobbyist that wants to make their own seeds without worrying whether a cross will work, try a small home seed making project and S1 your favorite thing that has the characteristics you like the most.

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