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Religious Freedom

Brandon Baker's Journey From Ganja Smuggler to Cannabis Reverend & Why The Future of Medical Marijuana Will Be The Church
By Ben Owens

From Ganja Smuggler to Cannabis Reverend

"During Corona, I was partnered with some people with the Church here [in Colorado]. And they were more focused on essentially making sure they had a paycheck through Corona than making sure we had outreach and stuff like that. So we essentially closed down the Colorado Springs Church...And we expanded to Jamaica," begins Reverend Brandon Baker, founder of Green Faith Ministries, an international church of cannabis that has been legally recognized by both the state of Colorado as well as the United States Federal Government for the past 14 years.

Unlike many churches in the traditional sense, Green Faith does not require you to practice any particular faith, rather, it requires you to use cannabis in your practice.

"Green Faith's non denominational....We don't really care what your religion or your prayer is, as long as you're using Cannabis like righteously."

Born in Texas to a multi-generational family of cannabis farmers, Reverend Baker was introduced to the plant on his grandfather's farm. But, after moving to Wyoming, his path took a turn, and he dedicated his life to cannabis, founding Green Faith in northern Colorado in 2004, being ordained as a minister in 2005, and being recognized by the IRS and State of CO as a legal nonprofit in 2009.

"When I was a ganja smuggler, man. I got pulled over. I had tons of ganja on me. The cop's like, 'I smell weed.' And I was like...


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