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Shout out to Bike

How a bike-loving East Coaster went from Facebook figurehead to one of the country's biggest seed distributors
Words by Ben Owens Photos by Bike

"Everyone knows me as Bike, and I sell seeds."

Michael Hawley, AKA "Bike,” has been in the seed game since 2012, and founded Get Seeds Right Here three years later in 2015. 

But, before that, he was just another cannabis consumer spending time on the newest social media platforms, creating memes and connecting the right people at the right time.

"He's the guy that knows the guy," says Colin Gordon.

"[Some people] know the people that are known; Bike knows the people that aren’t. He's been there to witness it. He's known so many of the people in this industry, quietly. There’s very few people that have been through this entire arc and know all the players. He had a front row seat."


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