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The Art of Growing Cannabis

The more time & effort you put in, the greater the reward
By Lovin’ In Her Eyes

Growing up, I was always told you can’t be an artist; you won’t make enough and you’ll barely make ends meet. 

As a young child in school, most are told that in order to be successful and to make money you should be a doctor or a lawyer. I was told that I should go to college and a clear path would already be set for me. I was under the impression that a structure in which I should live was already designed. 

As a young artist those misconceptions are stifling. 

They led me down a path of confusion for decades. At the same time, I was mildly exploring my personal artistry in various ways. I’ve always taken a creative path but the doors always appeared so narrow, too narrow to walk through. 

How does one break away from the barriers life has always taught you? 


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