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The King of Lighting

Jair Velleman's World of Cannabis
By Ben Owens

Jair Velleman is a cannabis professional with more than three decades of experience in the industry, best known for building Gavita into the largest horticultural lighting company in the world, as well as his contributions to cannabis culture at large. 

Velleman helped to revolutionize the cannabis cultivation space by bringing industrial growing methods to a global scale, investing in western markets like Humboldt, California, and preserving the contributions and history of those before and after him through the World of Cannabis museum. He is also the owner of one of California’s largest cannabis distributors, Lbs. Distribution and co-owner of DabStars, a cannabis lifestyle brand.

“I’m just some dipshit grower that ended up being a very successful businessman,” says Jair Velleman from his Amsterdam residence, the beginning of a fascinating and entertaining story of success in the world of cannabis.

The Early Years in Holland


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