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DIY: Have a Say in the Outcome

By Erinn Mallett

You can purchase or outsource just about every need, service or desire.

Why do anything yourself? 

Many times, people think ‘DIY’ is for hobby stores and the weekend builder.

But there are some who approach their life with a ‘do it themselves’ mentality. 

People who want to be involved in all aspects of life.


Sometimes it’s born out of necessity, hardship or curiosity.

They have to. They need to. They want to.

They create an environment by collecting tools and knowledge.

People. Books. YouTube.

Participation is essential. Trophies, not so much.

Give it energy. Make it a priority.

Failure to launch? 

It happens. 

Some are so afraid to fail, they can't muster the ability to initiate.

To truly fail, you have to at least get started.

And quitters get good at, well, nothing.

Pull the trigger. 

Make a connection.

Learn how to learn.

From Ground Zero.

Adopt an open mind that embraces the reality that there is much to learn and many ways to achieve a result. 

Grip that you might not know everything—and that you aren't expected to know everything.

Practice true openness to instruction and new methods. Be humble enough to learn the basics.  

Embrace frustration and satisfaction.

Find community. 

Very few of us are a true island; a legit one-person show. We have a wide collective community to draw from.

Come together. Like attracts like.

Contribute to the collective.

Trade ideas.

There’s a symbiotic relationship when an individual brings their piece to the whole.

The community thrives when each cylinder is firing in sync.

Sometimes, it's to better the world. Sometimes, in spite of the world.

A dream. A wish. A destination.

Pride in ownership.

Pride in completion.

There are times you can't depend on others, and there are some things you shouldn't depend on others for.

There are some things you want first-hand knowledge of.

It’s not always a necessity or self-serving.

Sometimes, it’s just for the good old-fashioned reason to see if you can do it.


Many who outsource their lives are owned by the vendors and governed by someone else’s agenda.

There’s an inherent ownership and knowingness by doing, experiencing, failing, succeeding.

The inception of an idea.

Having skin in the game.

Fail or flourish.

Nourish something for no other reason than to see it through.

Find achievement by completing something from start to finish.

Expand your creativity.

The options become endless.

The magic of participating in your life happens when risk and reward meet. 

There’s a cool satisfaction in knowing you accomplished something because of your own blood, sweat and—sometimes—tears.

In the DIY world, the only blame-game in town is when you look in the mirror.

Win or lose.

Challenge and reward.

You made it happen. 

You influenced the outcome.

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