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New Breeding Technology

CanBreed, True F1's & CRISPR
By Ben Owens

Since legalization, researchers have been looking for ways to apply New Breeding Technology (NBT) to cannabis in ways that make it a more sustainable commercial crop by mitigating issues and stabilizing plants grown from seed.

Among them is CanBeed, an Israeli Cannabis genetics company, that, in 2020, was the first to be granted a commercial license to use CRISPR gene-editing technology in cannabis and has since been developing a platform of desirable agronomic traits for commercial cannabis.

Not only is the company working with CRISPR, but they've also spent the last 5 years developing genetic lines to create true F1 hybrids from 2 unrelated, homozygous parents.

We sat down with Yarden Dloomy, Head of Sales & Business Development, and Dr. Tal Sherman, CTO and Co-Founder of CanBreed, to learn more about what they are working on and where they see the future of cannabis seeds heading.

Credit: CanBreed

CanBreed: "Better" Cannabis Seeds


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