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Sharkmouse Farms: Better than 'Close Enough'

Data-driven cultivation with Ontario's favorite cannabis couple
By Ben Owens Photos by Sharkmouse

1 MILLION VIEWS. When Justin Michaelov and Nicole Michaelov—the Canadian cannabis couple behind Sharkmouse Farms—woke up on July 25th, 2022, they didn’t expect to find their most recent post on trimming had gone viral, crossing the million views mark on a single reel for the first time. 

“I normally put a lot of effort into the write up; that day, I didn’t have it in me,” reflects Justin in astonishment as the views continue to climb. 

It was trim day, and he wasn’t motivated to make a “fun, flashy reel,” and was simply getting the trimmer ready and decided to do a basic video; just “trimming, no effort, no science, no data,” unlike most of the content you’ll find on the Sharkmouse page. 

“Then your reel has 12,000 likes. Then 25,0000. Now, like 60k… then all of a sudden, High Times posted one of our reels and then all of a sudden posts started getting taken down by Instagram and we were getting next to no engagement,” finishes Justin, illustrating the daily rollercoaster they ride by sharing educational cannabis content on social media. 

"Sharkmouse Farms is an educational platform designed to empower growers to produce high quality harvests at home; ‘bring home the science of growing.’" 

But this cannabis couple on a mission to “bring home the science of growing” didn’t start in a grow. 

Follow their journey from consumer to cultivator—and online cannabis couple powerhouse—to learn why they’re putting in the work to bring the science into home grows. 


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