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Using the gravitational pull of the moon to your advantage
By Erinn Mallett

The things that are the most important in our world we seem to glaze over.

Everyone talks about the sun when growing, but they forget that the moon impacts our gardens to a great degree.

The gravitational pull of the moon can be harnessed in so many ways throughout a plant's lifecycle—from planting seeds and taking cuttings, to extractions and tinctures from harvested materials.

To align your growing efforts with the moon:

Waning Moon: 

  • Plant below ground using moon's pull to encourage subterranean growth
  • Plant bulbs, and root-based crops (like potatoes, carrots, garlic)
  • Plant seeds

Waxing Moon: 

  • Plant above ground using moon's pull to encourage above-ground growth
  • Plant your annual flowers and fruit-bearing crops (like cannabis)
  • Take cuttings

Full Moon: 

  • Start new crops.
  • Great for Germinating seeds

According to the Farmer's Almanac, you can even take this a step further, scheduling common garden activities like harvest and transplanting with astrological signs.

A big thing for me is using plants for emotional well-being; I find tremendous value in using natural energies and remedies.

When you tincture something (or process any plant), do so with intention—to reduce your pain, to lessen heartbreak, to calm anxiety or to increase energy, fortify immunity, strengthen vitality. When I make tinctures, I use the gravitational pull of the moon to harmonize my efforts and intentions.

To align post-harvest processes with the moon:

Waning Moon:

  • For Reducing/Lessening/Calming/Easing

Waxing Moon:

  • For Increasing/Enhancing/Exciting/Sharpening

If you want something to get bigger, you'd make your tincture on a waxing moon, when the moon is dark and starts to get more full, embracing the energetics to that.

I love using this kind of energy, not just out of practicality, but the relationship between our efforts and the moon's cycles resonates with me.

There's something special about following processes that have been used for 1000s of years.

Credit: Pixel Nug
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